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What is Motivation?

Motivation is a particular reason which incites you to reach your goals or accomplish your desired targets. Simpler definition of motivation is that it is all about what a person wills to achieve to make himself/herself happy. There are various reasons because of which you motivate or inspire yourself to do something. The sources of motivation or inspiration may be or may not be relevant to what you’re aspiring for. Most of the times, it does not matter whether the source of motivation is related to what you’re desiring for. However, that certain reason instigates you to do what you’re willing to do. We mean to say that the source of motivation is not important, but the actual motivation is.

How to Motivate Yourself

Why does someone need Motivation?

Failure is one of the most common situation in which a person needs motivation to move on. Failure comes in every walk of life but it should not become the major hindrance in your path to your desired goal. It is quite common that people fail in academics or they didn’t manage to succeed in their business plans. Definition of failure is not limited up to certain things happening in our life. If a girl rejects a boy’s proposal, then it is called as the boy’s failure to impress the girl. This is the simplest and commonest example which clearly illustrates what failure means. Here comes the role of motivation which rebuilds your disturbed mentality to bring you back on the track.


Some incidents in your life give a big mental shock to you. Unexpected death of the person closest to you heavily disturbs you. At that time, you need to stabilize your mentally and try to become a practical person. You don’t need to harm yourself with the heavy mental pressure in that situation. Instead, you should come out of such situation and overcome the depression. In order to move on with a strong will power, you require motivation. Friends, family members and relatives play crucial role in consoling you and bringing you back in your daily routine.

Mental Stress

Fear or phobia is the globally recognized mental phenomenon which demotivates people from doing things. According to us, the feeling of fear or frightening is nothing but an emotion which can be removed or declined from your mentality by doing the same thing which you are afraid of. Inspiration plays a key role in energizing you to face the fearful situation and overcome the phobia. The emotion of fearfulness within you starts declining when you get encouraged to do the things which you find fearsome. No matter what are sources of motivation for you in such situations, but the main intention should be overcoming such tough time.


Types of Motivation

Basically there’re two types of motivations. One is ‘Internal’ and another one is ‘External’. Internal motivation can be found in only those persons who believe in their capabilities and potential to do something which they want to do. Though failure comes in their path while proceeding towards their goals, they never get demotivated. They don’t become the victim of peer pressure arising during failure. Their tendency of not yielding under the pressure helps them in keeping themselves of the right path and energizes them to work more hard to reach their targets. Internal motivation is also called as ‘Self Motivation’. There is a major difference between self motivation and self confidence. Self belief is nothing a but strong mental feeling which never lets you down in difficult situations. On other hand, self motivation is the emotion of self realization and understanding of thing which you’re dreaming to achieve.

Self Motivation

External motivation is the inspiration got from other people. Plenty of people do require external inspiration for attaining their desires. As every person can not motivate himself in tougher situations, the guidance, help and motivation from other people plays crucial role in his/her journey towards the goal. Family members, friends, colleagues, dearest and nearest ones are the sources of external motivation which encourage them to maintain consistency in their work. Timely inspirational dose always benefits you when you get tired of working. The same encouragement also assists you when you face failure at certain stage of your journey. Mental empowerment and emotional emboldening always helps in maintaining persistency in your itinerary towards success. In order to get such strong external motivation, you have to have good relations with your nearest and dearest ones.

External Motivation

Indirect Motivation : An Interesting Inspiration

Many things happening in our day-to-day life indirectly motivate us and set some targets in front of us. Crime, inequality, poverty, communalism and many other social issues incite us to find solutions over it. This indirect motivation is responsible for bringing the change in society and human being’s standard of living. When your personality changes and you grow more mature, you become a sensible person. Apart from the maturity and mental growth, professionalism is a significant factor which makes you a work-oriented person. When you come across any social problem, your perception tracks an indirect motivation from it and your thought process starts working on it. Your thinking continues till you don’t find any proper solution for the issue.

Benefits of Motivation

You will experience the benefits of motivation in every phase of your life. First thing which you will find beneficial is nothing but the development of your mental health and strong will power within you. The feeling of self belief accompanies that set of emotions to make you a mature, sensible and capable person. When there’s no depression and worry about your goal, you don’t feel any mental stress and live a healthy life. This also reduces the chances of getting bogged down due to the fear of failure. Thus, your persistent efforts accompanied with the self confidence keep you on the right track and encourage you to strive hard for achieving your targets. When you finally achieve the success, your family members and nearest ones also become happy. The pleasant atmosphere around you incites you further to aspire for more bigger achievements. Development of your personality in this process becomes an indirect source of motivation for others and helps them in their path towards their targets.

Motivation for Success

Life without Motivation

Have you ever imagined how your life without motivation will be? Try to think on it and tell us what do you opine about such life. According to us, one’s life will be full of depression if he/she doesn’t get any motivation to do the thing which he/she wants to do. If there’s no motivation, then there will not be any pushing factor which will empower and embolden you to reach your goal. Mental depression will reach to certain height when no inspirational thing will affect you and pull you back on the right track.¬†Such condition will eventually result in a predictable failure. The fear and pressure of failure will further degrade your mentality and totally affect your life. Your personality degradation will not only hamper your life but also disturb the people closest to you. In such conditions, you’ll never recognize the real cause of your failure and you’ll come up with the incorrect conclusions. You will blame your fate or all other things. In such situations, you are not going to judge yourself and accept the mistakes committed by you. Thus, you’re going to ruin your life by not motivating yourself.

Live without Motivation

How to Motivate Yourself ?

Generally, there’re various ways of encouraging yourself to do something. But in different situations, you’ve to get inspiration from different sources as the commonest ways are not going to work in inciting you in every situation. Below is the list of different situations in which you can try out various methods to encourage yourself to attain your desired goals.

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