Motivation To Read Books | How To Read Books?

Motivation To Read Books | How To Read Books : I have often heard a lot of people ask me about how I manage to read so many books. Don’t they bore me? Do I not feel burdened with so much reading? Is it not too much after my course notes and all? The answer is no! I enjoy reading and I know it for a fact that once you get the hang of it, you find it difficult to let go and it slowly turns into a beautiful habit.

For those of you who are wondering how to start reading in the first place, let me tell you that you are definitely not alone. I have met so many people who ask me to give them a few motivating tips to be able to start studying.

Motivation To Read Books

Reading books comes easier when you try to do it more like a hobby rather than  compulsion. Therefore, to be able to motivate yourself to read books, you should start with something that catches your interest almost instantly. It should be a simpler text, easy to read and one that your mind easily accepts. Doing this can put you into the interest zone of reading and can keep you motivated to read since it serves your line and field of interest.

A lot of people complain about lack of concentration while they try to read. Now here, it is important to understand that getting comfortable with your text becomes really, really important. To understand better, this can be viewed as getting to know the text or the characters in the text personally. This not only helps you get attached to the text but also helps you find your level of interest in it. Therefore, it becomes really important to get comfortable with your text while you read it.

How To Read Books

If you think that there is something in particular that might distract you while you are trying to read, then remove it instantly or move from the place of distraction. It could be a thing, a noise, a person or just the place that distracts you. To have get rid of it would be the best option for you to continue being motivated to read with ease and comfort.

If you really want motivation, just keep reader friends close. Basically, be and stay friends with people who read a lot. This will not only suffice as motivation for you to read but will also give you an endless supply of good books. What a bliss, isn’t it!?

Another advice to all you trying to read is-take your books everywhere! Yes! Put a book in your bag wherever, whenever you go. That way when boredom strikes or when there is an uncomfortable situation with a stranger, you could always take it out and feed your mind some nice stories. It’s crazy but it definitely works. So pop the book right in your bag.

Best Ways To Read Books

Another thing that you can do is read the literary counter parts of the movies that you like. If a movie that you would like to watch has a book-read that instead. That way your interest would hike up in terms of both the movie and the book and you would love reading your favorite movie! Amazing, isn’t it?

That’s being said, try not to mug up books just because you HAVE to read. It doesn’t work that way. So, don’t do it, please! Read a little at a time- only the amount that you think your brain can take. I hope this article was useful to you. Please let me know in the comments section below. Happy reading!

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