Self Motivation Tips to Get Up Early | How to Wake Up Early?

Self Motivation Tips to Get Up Early | How to Wake Up Early? – Isn’t it irritating when you are all motivated at night and work out a plan that you want and need to follow the other morning, and your failure to get up early the other morning gets ruined? Your mind knows that you can be very productive and successful if you start with an early day but your body ditches you in the morning and you fail miserably at your task. If you’re one of them too, I have compiled a list of a few tips that you can and might try to follow if you want to stop being a lazy person who sleeps through the day and wastes the night too.

Best Ways to Wake Up Early

First, to start with, you can keep your alarm clock in the corner of your room that is exact opposite to where you sleep, it will help you a great deal. How? Well, when the alarm goes off, you would want to hit the snooze button. But for that, the alarm clock being in the other corner of the room, you would have to get up and shut it down. None the less, your work would be done. You’d already be out of bed and good to go!

How to wake up early in the morning

Simple Way to Wake Up Early

Second, keep the most important of your work for the morning. Studies have shown that when your mind knows that you have an important work to do or deadlines to meet then the body wakes up naturally. Therefore, if nothing else works, it’s time to fool your bodies into waking up early. On regard to the same point, you could also set up a meeting with a fellow early riser- it may be a fellow jogging friend at the park or someone you would like to have an early quiet discussion with. That way, you won’t want to let them down by ditching them in the morning and you would succeed in waking up early too.

Wake Up in the Morning

Third, find interesting hobbies for yourself to do early morning. If you want to wake up for something that doesn’t please you very much, it is very likely that it won’t happen. Why? Because your mind will associate the early mornings to something unpleasant. Therefore, if your goal for a particular morning, for example is to exercise- you have to choose the exercises that excite you, this giving your body a favourable thing to do when it gets up early morning.

How To Wake Up Early in the Morning

Best Way to Wake Up Early in the Morning

Fourth, when the alarm goes off, you shouldn’t adopt the ‘5 more minutes’ technique. The aim should be to jump right out of bed when the clock strikes your time. Doing this, gives your body no time at all to feel all cosy and comfortable while you doze off back to sleep.

Fifth, if you own a Bluetooth speaker, trust me, this is going to the best you can give your body to kick start your mornings. Even if you’re too much into sleep, do yourself a favour and find your speakers( keep them handy from the previous night, maybe) and connect them to your phone. Put on a song with a catchy beat and music and trust me, you will find yourself grooving to the tune in just about a few minutes.

How To Get Up Early in the Morning?

Lastly, you’d like to return to your very basics. In order to get up early, you would like to sleep early to begin. Early to bed and early to rise still plays an important role in the century we live in. Therefore, sleeping early should be a part of your routine.

Therefore, it’s time that you start picking up some of these tips and putting them to a useful bit in your life. I hope this article was useful. Let me know about your improvements in the comments section below.

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